Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creating custom comic books and comic art

I’ve been creating custom comic books and comic art since I was in kindergarten.
I remember my first trip to the comic book stores, and purchasing my first comic book,
it was a Batman and Robin. My collection topped 5,000 books at one point.
I started drawing the characters creating my own comicbooks. It was fun to create my own original characters and stories.
Many characters I started collecting have been turned into comic book movies.
The Spiderman Movie franchise is one of the highest grossing films as of today.
The comic book community is always demanding popular books to be made into films.
Most of the comic book value today is based on the popularity of the character. Comic book characters such as Spider-Man, Superman and Batman will command a greater price since they are more collectable. The age of the book is also a factor. First appearances can also be valued higher as well. Original art such as comic book paintings for covers can be quite expensive. A good way to collect cover art is to purchase comic book prints of covers, these can be signed by the original artist. Comic book posters are an inexpensive way to collect art as well. Some people will have a framed comic book displayed on the wall, creating their own comic book gallery.
Comic book sketches are an alternative because these can cost a lot less than full blown inked art. Many of these are comic pencil art, quick sketches by the artist in order to work out ideas for stories.
The collected works of artists such as Neal Adams, John Buscema, or John Romita can be found in a sketch book art journal.
You can purchase these comic sketch art drawings at an online comic book store or a local comic book store. Comic book news publications publish many original art dealers. A comic book sale can have original and published art. Comic book illustration can be computer generated as well. Comic book illustrations by major artists have more value than a new artist on the scene.
Steve Nyman can create custom comic book art for you. Starting from a rough sketch to finished color art. Steve has been creating original art for 25 years.
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