Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sketching Celebrity Caricatures

Sketching Celebrity Caricatures
In order to create a caricature of famous people, a caricature artist must look at the shapes of the facial features. Some artist draw the sketch in photo shop, this process can speed up things if you want to create a digital caricature.
Try drawing someone that everyone would know such as a caricature of the president.
Here I've drawn a caricature of the Beatles, they have great faces to draw.
A caricature drawing of people that are well known is best to start out with. Sometimes a political caricature can be controversial.
If someone is a staunch Democrat they may get upset with a George Bush caricature.
If someone is a Republican, they may get upset at a Hillary Clinton caricature.
Most books on How to draw caricatures, tell you to draw grandma, but that can be boring. A caricature artist should subscribe to magazines like Entertainment Weekly, and choose carefully who they should draw. Drawing a Angelina Jolie caricature, is much tougher than drawing a Bush caricature. The reason for this is most women celebs, change their hairstyles so often. A Oprah caricature of 5 years ago would not look like the Oprah caricatures of today. Some celebs are timely such as a Elvis caricature, or Marilyn caricature. Another thing is to always be aware of today's celebrities may not even be known a year from now. When drawing a cartoon caricature try to find the best picture that represents that person.