Friday, April 11, 2008

Original Ideas for Wedding Gifts

Original Ideas for Wedding Gifts
And Wedding Party Entertainment.
A unique wedding idea is to have a cartoon artist draw sketches we call wedding caricature.
Caricatures as gifts are custom cartoon drawings that are hand drawn by a caricaturist.
Wedding caricatures are an original cartoon caricature art sketch. Caricatures for weddings are a great gift idea and fun party entertainment.
In addition a party artist entertaining is a wonderful wedding surprise to your party guests.
Caricaturists can create wonderful pencil sketch drawings. These quick sketch comical cartoon portraits take as little as 5minutes per person. Party caricature drawings are wedding favor gift caricatures and caricature entertainment.
One creative idea is to use a caricaturist for a wedding invitation. We can draw the bride and groom in caricature form.
Wedding invitations can be created any way you desire and are custom artwork.
Custom wedding invitations can be created quite reasonably.
An artist can provide you with wedding invitations advice.
Go to different printers and view their wedding invitations samples.
We can create quick wedding invitations for any bride’s budget.
Using caricature art creates creative wedding invitations that your guests will remember.
Caricature art is much more fun then going with photo wedding invitations.
You can buy wedding invitations from a printer, but why go with traditional wedding invitations.
Caricatures make affordable wedding invitations. We create wedding invitations with fast service.
I suggest using black and white wedding invitations over color. The caricatures look more traditional in black and white.
When it comes to wedding invitation advice, remember to use caricaturists, we have many ideas to help you with your party planning.
You can have an artist create custom wedding guest books with a personalized caricature.
We can also create custom caricature portraits for a wedding signature board. A wedding caricature sign in poster is a 20” x30” poster caricature illustration hand drawn from photos. These posters are drawings from photos and run $350.00 plus shipping. We can provide service with an online caricature. This saves you shipping as well as speeds up service. A digital caricature is provided in the PDF, jpg format. Caricatures for a wedding board also make great wedding keepsakes. You can also hire a cartoon caricaturist to draw the wedding couple for a wedding gift. Color caricature gifts are very reasonably priced and start at only $50.00 for the couple.
We can draw a family caricature for presentation as a caricature gift starting at only $25.00 per person in the picture. A caricature from photo can be drawn as a gag gift.
And having a caricature artist sketch can be in addition to wedding photos. Because caricature pictures are wedding party entertainment and a Wedding party favor. Some of your guests will feel like a celebrity at your wedding. A celebrity caricature they received at your event. Framed on the wall, their caricature is a permanent remembrance of your wedding party.
A party caricaturist can draw at your wedding or other types of events. We provide Caricatures for wedding entertainment in the New York City Area.
We have NJ Caricature Artists, NY Caricature Artists, PA Caricature Artists, and CT Caricature Artists.
We can also provide Party Caricature Entertainment nationwide call for rates 973-586-0790.
Gift Caricatures from photos can be done through the mail or online. You can also make payment at to my email address .
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